Shay's Rebellion
Huntington, Massachusetts
Year Incorporated

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Town Clerk
Town of Huntington
Town Hall
Park Street
P.O. Box 430 Huntington, MA 01050
Town Hall: 413-667-3500
Fax: 413-667-3512

On-Site Resources

Profile of the Town of Norwich
A brief introduction to early Norwich, extracted and edited from “History And Antiquities of Every Town In Massachusetts” by John Warner Barber, 1848. Includes some early town history and names of many early settlers. (Note: Norwich is an unincorporated place name in Huntington)

Coming soon! — A brief historic profile of Huntington
Extracted from Volume II of History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, by Louis H. Everts, 1879. Topics include geographical, natural features, early settlement, military, list of selectmen and town clerks, churches, schools, burial-places, industries, Huntington's military record in the Rebellion.

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Official Huntington Home Page

Huntington Profile (PDF Format). Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

Commonwealth Community Profile & Links related to the town including addresses of libraries.

Hampshire County
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