Street Atlas to Western Massachusetts


Extracted and edited from “History And Antiquities of Every Town In Massachusetts” by John Warner Barber, 1848.

This town was incorporated in 1793. The Rev. Stephen Tracy, of Norwich, Con., was the first Congregational minister of this town; he was settled here in 1781, and resigned in 1799. His successor was Rev. Benjamin R. Woodbridge, who settled here in 1799, and resigned in 1831. Rev. Samuel Russell, the next minister, was installed in 1832, and resigned the next year. His successor was Rev. Alvah C. Page.

This is a hilly township; a northern branch of Westfield river passes through the town, from north to south. In 1837, there was in the town one small woolen mill and an axe manufactory, in which were manufactured 3,000 axes, which were valued at $4,250; hands employed, five. Population, 714. Distance, 12 miles from Northampton, and 108 from Boston. The following is the inscription on the monument of the Rev. Mr. Russell, one of the ministers of this place:

In memory of the Rev. Samuel Russell, a man who in doctrine was sound, in his labors diligent and faithful, in his life simple and irreproachable, in his piety distinguished, in his death blessed. Why should we say more? He sought and found the house of his Father, Ian. 27, 1835, Æ. 35.

Note: Norwich is an unincorporated place name and part of Huntington, Hampshire County.

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