Lost Towns of Quabbin Valley


Extracted and edited from “History And Antiquities of Every Town In Massachusetts” by John Warner Barber, 1848.

This town was incorporated in 1822, previous to which it formed a part of Pelham. Rev. Ebenezer Brown was installed pastor here in 1827, and resigned in 1835. The Rev. Job Cushman, his successor, was installed here the same year. A church formerly existed in this town while it was a part of Pelham, over which two ministers were settled, Matthias Cazier and Sebastian C. Cabot. This church became extinct. The church was re-organized in 1823, with 12 members.

This town is watered by several branches of Swift River, which is a principal branch of the Chicopee. The principal article of manufacture is palm-leaf hats, of which, in 1837, 50,000 were manufactured, valued at $10,000. Population, 788. Distance, 16 miles from Northampton, 8 from Amherst, and 76 from Boston.

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