Hiking the Pioneer Valley


Extracted and edited from “History And Antiquities of Every Town In Massachusetts” by John Warner Barber, 1848.

This town, the smallest in the county of Hampshire, was incorporated in 1781. Rev. Samuel Whitman was installed pastor in this place in 1788, and continued such till 1818. He was succeeded, in 1821, by Rev. Joel Wright. The next minister was Rev. Henry B. Holmes, who was settled in 1830; he continued for nearly three years, and was succeeded by Rev. Stephen Mason, who was installed in 1836.

This township is on elevated land. In the central part of the town there are 2 churches, 1 for Congregationalists and 1 for Baptists. In 1837, there were in the town 710 Saxony, 2,115 merino, and 223 other kinds of sheep. The value of wool produced was $4,500. The value of broom-handles manufactured was $3,000; the value of sawed lumber was $5,000. Population, 560. Distance, 12 miles from Northampton, and 105 from Boston.

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