Holyoke in Postcards


Extracted and edited from “History And Antiquities of Every Town In Massachusetts” by John Warner Barber, 1848.

This town was incorporated in 1814; previous to which it formed a part of the towns of Greenwich and Belchertown. The first minister was the Rev. Joshua Crosby, who was a chaplain in the Revolutionary war. The next pastor was Rev. Sumner G. Clapp, who was settled here in 1828, and resigned in 1837. Rev. John Whiton was the next minister.

This town is watered by two branches of Swift river, a main branch of the Chicopee, and is an important stream for manufacturing purposes. In 1837, there were two cotton mills; the value of cotton goods manufactured was $8,000. Two woolen mills, five sets of machinery; 150,000 yards of cloth were manufactured, valued at $100,000; twenty-five males and twenty-five females were employed. The value of boots and shoes manufactured was $11,729. Sixty thousand palm-leaf hats were manufactured, valued at $12,000. Value of wool cards manufactured, $35,000; twelve males and six females were employed; capital invested, $20,000; value of cotton batting and wicking manufactured, $10,000. Population, 1,058. Distance from Northampton, 15 miles, 5 from Ware, and 75 from Boston.

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